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  Advertising Services

Effective Online Advertising Service:

According to the product type and services characteristics, Buyoyo.com provides a series of advertising and promotion services. We help you to promote your company Image and effective marketing activities. If customers have any idea on promotion, we are pleasure to provide you the solution.

Provided Advertising Service:

Banner Advertisement

  • 5 rotation banner advertisement in each page template
  • File format : animated GIF and NOT larger than 15KBytes

  • Standard Size : 468 X 60 pixel

    (468 x 60 pixel)

  • Standard Size : 125 X 60 pixel

    (125 x 60 pixel)

  • Standard Size : 125 X 125 pixel

    (125 x 125 pixel)

  • Standard Size : 160 X 600 pixel

    (160 x 600 pixel)

Electronic Promotion

  • To use our customer network to help your company to apply any strategy marketing activities, to let more target customer to access your product and services.



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Exchange Rate Ref.:
US$1 = HK$7.8
RMB$1 = HK$1.1

The past Ghorse Award

The past Hong Kong Films Award

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