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Upload your own image and earn the YoYo Cash !

We are the world! Post your own image at Buyoyo.com if you

- have your own film Gallery.
- have your pictures with actor or actress.
- have the front view or back view of Blu-ray, DVD, CD...

We would give $100 YoYo cash for every selected image

Join "Member Referral", get $1,000,000 YoYo Cash !

Start from Apr 1,2024 to Jun 30, 2024 join our Member Referral Program and win $1,000,000 YoYo Cash.
-Refer 10 or more friends shopping at Buyoyo.com.com(your friends need to place one or more order in this period), you will get Y$50,000 YoYo Cash
-Refer 200 or more friends shopping at Buyoyo.com(your friend need to place one or more order in this period), you will get $1,000,000 YoYo Cash.
The privilege is not valid for the referral member who did not purchase.
The new user's address can not be the same delivery address with the existing user.
If a referral member cancelled all orders, that member will not be counted.
The Ordinary privileges of"Member Referral Scheme" is still valid.

All YoYo cash entitled under this privilege will be directly deposited into your account on or before You can check with your YoYo Cash Account to see whether your referrals have made any purchase. We have prepared an Invitation Card for you to invite your friends.

"YoYo Cash Bonus Plan for Basic Ordering "!

buyoyo.com , breakthrough again, online purchase, YoYo Cash is automatically given to you!¡I

  • For any online 1HK$ purchase on buyoyo.com, customers can get  1 YoYo Cash as per the amount shown on the invoice. (excluding delivery charges)
  • The accumulative cash YoYo Cash can be redeemed at current or future purchase (s) at the rate of 200 accumulated equals to HK$1. 
  • If order is cancelled, the entitled from that order will be automatically deleted from the record.
  • This benefit cannot be combined with the other benefit scheme.
  • buyoyo.com, breakthrough again, online purchase, is automatically given to you!
  • buyoyo.com reserves the right to execute the benefits.

Continuously Earn YoYo Cash in
"Basic Member Referral Plan"

After the launch of YoYo Cash Bonus Program, buyoyo.com introduced another brand-new member benefits for you and your friends.

  • buyoyo.com members simply recommend friends to firstly register on buyoyo.com with your login ID entered into the field of "Referral Code " and select "Member Referral"(* Notice to remind your friend(s) to enter your login ID, otherwise it is invalid.), your friends can instantly be rewarded 1,000 YoYo Cash .
  • When your friends purchase products, they as the customers can get their s. You as the referrer can get the in the rate of HK$1=1 YoYo Cash for every your friends' purchase. The more they purchased, the more you earned. The can be applied to purchase any buyoyo.com product as CASH.

    For example, "A" is an existing buyoyo.com member, his login ID is "AA", "A" wants to refer "B" to be member. "B" just needs to fill in "AA" in the field of "Referral Code " and select "Member Referral" in registration , "B" can instantly be rewarded 1,000 . Then, if B has purchased a total valued $500 items from buyoyo.com, "B" can get 500 s. "A" as the referer can get 500 s from this order.

    Click here for example

  • The terms and conditions of using yoyo cash are the same as that of the buyoyo.com ordinary member.
  • Under this scheme, the members cannot enjoy the other benefits at the same time. (e.g. hongkong.com)
  • buyoyo.com reserves the right to execute the benefits.

We have prepared a "Invitation Card "for you to invite your friend to join our referral plan. You just only need to fill in both the name and e-mail address of your friend(s) and yourself. We then send your assigned "Invitation Card" to your friend(s). It is EASY, CONVENIENT, FREE.

(* If you want to check how many YoYo Cash earned, login buyoyo.com and enter the "My YoYo Cash" page, click the "Detailed YoYo Cash Transaction" button)


Privileges for Students in Summer ! 

Enriching Chinese Culture and Buyoyo.com provides a special offer for students all over the world!. You only need to use your email address assigned by your tertiary institutions, then you can get our benefits as follows

  1. From July 15, 2010 to September 1, 2010 , all following Overseas University/College students are entitled to an upfront gift of 2,000 YoYo Cash when they first-time register on Buyoyo.com with their University/College e-mail address. The YoYo Cash can be used for instant or later purchase of any products from Buyoyo.com
  2. From July 15, 2010 to September 1, 2010 , students registered with their University/College email address can enjoy Double YoYo Cash for any purchase ($1 = 2 YoYo Cash).  

Do you want to know your school in our list ? JUST VISIT

Welcome other University/College all over the world to join this special bonus plan. Please send your student's email domain and the brief description of University/College to sales@buyoyo.com. Our approval process can be done within 7 working days


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Exchange Rate Ref.:
US$1 = HK$7.8
RMB$1 = HK$1.1

The past Ghorse Award

The past Hong Kong Films Award

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