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Care About You Concert Live Karaoke -Vanatsaya Visiskul
Singer : Viseskul, Vanatsaya Xie, Lei

Distant Worlds music from FINAL FANTASY THE CELEBRATION - Japan Game Soundtrack
Singer : Movie Soundtrack

Beijing sound and Melody of Songs (China Version)
Actor : Wang, Yu Sun, Ning

Christmas On Mars (DVD) - The Flaming Lips
Musicalizer : The Flaming Lips

Cinevani<6> (China Version)
Singer : China Various Artists

[DVD](276077-D)HK$75(US$9.7)[Out of Stock]
Legend of White Snake Classic soundtrack (China Version)
Singer : Various Artist

Li De Ya Shi Ban Shi Ji Jing Cai Yan Chang Hui Karake 3VCD
Singer : Cai, Guo Wei Yuan, Li Chang Lau, Hoi Wai Lau, Nga Lai Annie Chan, Sau Man Amy Mai, Zi Jie Chen, Feng Liu, Ying Hong Lee, Loon Kei Yip, CHun Tong Johnny Yu, On On Candice Tsui, Siu Ming Cheung, Wai Man Donald

Ye Zhen Tang Yue Tan Guang Hui
Singer : Yip, CHun Tong Johnny

[DVD](265388-D)HK$92(US$11.9)[Out of Stock]
Sound of light and shadow - Encyclopedia of Chinese film songs hardcover collection Karaoke (China Version)
Singer : Various Artist

Jeff Chang and Hong Kong Sinfonietta 2006 Live Karaoke
Singer : Chang, Hsin Che Jeff
Musician / Virtuoso : HK Sinfonietta

[DVD](263964-D-LE)HK$145(US$18.7)[Out of Stock]
[DVD](263964-D)HK$199(US$25.7)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](263964-V)HK$99(US$12.8)[Out of Stock]
Wim Wenders Presents Musica Cubana Live in Amsterdam
Singer : Wim Wenders

Zhou Jie Lun - Huang Jin Jia EP+Yi Yan Fan Te Xi DVD (China Version)
Singer : Chou, Jay

[DVD](285290-D)HK$92(US$11.9)[Out of Stock]
Short-cut To Classical Music: Musical Terms "Therapy" Session II
Actor : Jim, Shui Man
Conductor : Yip, Wing Sze

[VCD](263235-V)HK$48(US$6.2)[Out of Stock]
[DVD](263235-D)HK$159(US$20.5)[Out of Stock]
Superstars of The 70's Soul Live
Singer : Various Artist

Wim Wenders Presents / Musica Cubana - Live In Tokyo & Amsterdam
Singer : Wim Wenders

Shen Diao Xia Lu Ying Shi Quan Ji (China Version)
Singer : Various Artist

[VCD](284053-V)HK$49(US$6.3)[Out of Stock]
Ronald Cheng Live In Concert Karaoke 2006
Singer : Cheng, Chung Kei Ronald Cheung, Hok Yau Jacky Lam, Hoi Fung Jan Ku, Leo Leung, Hon Man Edmond So, Wing Hong William

Pat Metheny Group: Imaginary Day Live
Singer : Pat, Metheny

[DVD](262064-D)HK$167(US$21.5)[Out of Stock]
Cher: Live At The Mirage
Singer : Xue Er

[DVD](261886-D)HK$167(US$21.5)[Out of Stock]
The Centry Selection of Kelly (China Version)
Singer : Chen, Wai Lam Kelly


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