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The Shaolin Temple(1976)
Producer : Liu, Yat Yuen

[Blu-ray](200570-B-4KLE)Pre-Order: HK$419(US$54.1)[Expected Date: 2024-8-12推出]Buy
[DVD](200570-D)HK$79(US$10.2)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](200570-V)HK$49(US$6.3)[Out of Stock]
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The Movie Emperor(2024)
Director : Ning, Hao

[Blu-ray](302096-B)Pre-Order: HK$141(US$18.2)[Expected Date: 2024-7-18推出]Buy
[DVD](302096-D)Pre-Order: HK$98(US$12.6)[Expected Date: 2024-7-18推出]Buy
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After Separation(1992)
Director : Ha, Kong

[Blu-ray](210889-B-LE)Pre-Order: HK$450(US$58.1)[Expected Date: 2024-8-12推出]Buy
[VCD](210889-V)HK$49(US$6.3)[Out of Stock]
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Time Still Turns The Pages(2023)
Director : Nick Cheuk

[Blu-ray](302091-B)Pre-Order: HK$235(US$30.3)[Expected Date: 2024-8-13推出]Buy
[DVD](302091-D)Pre-Order: HK$149(US$19.2)[Expected Date: 2024-8-13推出]Buy
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Director : Spenser Cohen Anna Halberg

[Blu-ray](302092-B)Pre-Order: HK$195(US$25.2)[Expected Date: 2024-7-16推出]Buy
[DVD](302092-D)Pre-Order: HK$126(US$16.3)[Expected Date: 2024-7-16推出]Buy
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One and Four (2021)
Director : Jigme Trinley

[Blu-ray](302089-B-LE)Pre-Order: HK$328(US$42.3)[Expected Date: 2024-7-20推出]Buy
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KAMEN RIDER Za Uinta Mubi Gatchado and Gitsu Saikyo Kemi Gatcha Dai Sakusen (2023)
Director : Kyohei Yamaguchi

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A Quiet Place: Day One(2024)
Director : Michael Sarnoski

[Blu-ray](302088-B-SB)Pre-Order: HK$310(US$40.0)[Expected Date: 2024-9-26推出]Buy
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The Sword Identity(2011)
Director : Xu Haofeng

[DVD](293958-B-LE)Pre-Order: HK$595(US$76.8)[Expected Date: 2024-7-22推出]Buy
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Masked Rider 555 20th PARADISE REGAINED(2024)
Director : Ryuta, Tasaki

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The Goldfinger(2023)
Director : Chong, Man Keung

[Blu-ray](302079-B-LEB)HK$203(US$26.2)[In Stock]Buy
[Blu-ray](302079-B-LEA)HK$212(US$27.3)[In Stock]Buy
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One and Only(2023)
Director : Da Peng

[Blu-ray](302077-B)HK$155(US$20.0)[In Stock]Buy
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I do it my way(2024)
Producer : Lau, Tak Wah Andy

[Blu-ray](302069-B-4K)HK$239(US$30.8)[In Stock]Buy
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Across the furious sea(2023)
Director : Cho, Bo Ping

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Old Well(1987)
Director : Ng, Tin Ming

[Blu-ray](257354-B-LE)HK$399(US$51.5)[In Stock]Buy
[DVD](257354-D-GD)HK$62(US$8.0)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](257354-V)HK$49(US$6.3)[Out of Stock]
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A Guilty Conscience(2023)
Director : Wu, Wei Lun

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The White Storm 3: Heaven or Hell (2023)
Director : Yau, Lai To Herman

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Director : Liu Xiaoshi

[Blu-ray](301982-B)HK$149(US$19.2)[In Stock]Buy
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Haunting Soul from the Dark Building(1989)
Director : Mu Deyuan Liang Ming

[Blu-ray](230693-B-LE)HK$499(US$64.4)[In Stock]Buy
[DVD](230693-D)HK$48(US$6.2)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](230693-V)HK$49(US$6.3)[Out of Stock]
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Ripples of Life(2023)
Director : Wei Shujun

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Crows and Sparrows(1949)
Director : Jang, Jun Li

[Blu-ray](294952-B-LE)HK$447(US$57.7)[In Stock]Buy
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