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The Valiant Ones(1975) - King Hu Film
Actor : Chiao, Roy Bai, Ying Tsui, Fung Lau, Kong NG MING CHOI
Director : Hu, Kam Chun King

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Written and directed by the multi-talented King Hu, The Valiant Ones (1975) is set in the Ming-dynasty China, a time when Japanese pirates were wreaking havoc along the nation's coast. Its heroes engage in epic battles and tragic sacrifices, fully illustrating the themes of loyalty and martyrdom. The film's fierce action, choreographed by Sammo Hung, works synergistically with Hu's camera angles and tight-knit editing. Also impressive are its settings in the hills, islands, and rough, turbulent sea of Hong Kong, accentuating Hu's awe-inspiring wuxia aesthetic. The Valiant Ones is the first 4K restoration by the Hong Kong Film Archive, aiming to present the film as it appeared during its initial theatrical run, with optimal audiovisual quality.


The Valiant Ones(1979) - King Hu Film [Blu-ray] 
(Date: 2023-10-25)
Price($): HK$225 (US$)
Publisher:Hong Kong Film Archive

No of Disk: 1
Duration: 106 Mins
Screen Resolution: 1080p
Screen: 2.35:1
Region Code: All
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional),English
Rating: I
Languages: Mandarin
Audio: Mono
Video: NTSC

'Special Feature:
include the video 'The Valiant Ones' Stories', consisting of interviews with the film crew, and stories of the film's acquisition and restoration process, etc.
96-page booklet which contains:
" Foreword Kwok Ching-ling
" The Crew and the Film
o Cast and Crew / Synopsis / Profile of King Hu / Character Profiles / Before and After Restoration
" Essays
o The Valiant Ones: A Depiction of Loyalty and Heroic Sacrifice Derived from Wokou History Lo Wai-luk
o The Valiant Ones: King Hu's Most Masculine Film Sek Kei
o What the Costumes of The Valiant Ones Reveal About King Hu's Mindset Edith Cheung
o The Valiant Ones: Composer Unknown? Yu Siu-wah
o Examining The Valiant Ones with the Development of Wuxia Cinema as Context Po Fung
" Acknowledgements
Quantity: X
Stock Status: In Stock (process within 24hrs)
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Total Number of Records: 1

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