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STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time

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Continuing the galaxy-spanning Star Ocean series, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time picks up the saga of Fate Linegod as he journeys with his family and friend, Sofia Esteed, to a protected planet under the control of the Galaxy Federation. Peace is short-lived as the planet is attacked and destroyed by unknown alien troops. As Fate and the survivors make their way toward a refugee camp, they come under attack yet again, and Fate's parents are lost. With that, the action and adventure of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time begins. The game features several new innovations in role-play gaming, including a real-time combat system in which characters have complete freedom of movement. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time also incorporates incredibly detailed real-time 3-D environments, which offer a 360-degree viewing radius that immerses players in vivid panoramic worlds.


STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time [PS2] 
(Date: 2003-02-27)
Price($): HK$119 (US$)
Publisher:E- Gameclub.com Ltd

Product Language: Japanese
1 player
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