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Lady Whirlwind
Actor : Mao, Ying Zhang, Yi Bai, Ying

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Rating : OAT I
Content :
Tien Li-chun wanted to avenge for her sister, who died after being abandoned by a man Ling Shi-hau. When she arrived in the small town, she was misled to believe that the Ling was dead. Later on through a girl Wang, who were in love with Ling, she knew it was not true. Ling was still alive and kept on improving his martial arts in order to avenge.

After outrunning Tien, Ling and Wang went to the small town and killed the personal enemy. But they both were wounded and caught by Diao Ta-niang. Learned about this, Tien went to resecue them. When she got Wang, she found Ling was disappeared.

Ling learned shadowboxing after he saved a wounded Taoist. Tien promised to help him to avenge before she want to kill him. They finally succeeded to kill Diao. But Tien insisted on a duel with Ling, and when she was trying to win Ling with her whirlwind leg, Wang appeared and persuaded her to stop. She finally left dejectedly.


Lady Whirlwind (Legendary Collection) [VCD] 
(Date: 2011-07-18)
Price($): HK$40 (US$)
Publisher:Ladder Ideas Limited

Screen: 1.33:1
No of Disk: 2
Region Code: All
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional)
Languages: Mandarin
Video: NTSC
Audio: Vocal Stereo
Sold out, until further announcement Buy

Lady Whirlwind (Legendary Collection) [DVD] 
(Date: 2011-07-18)
Price($): HK$39 (US$)
Publisher:Ladder Ideas Limited

No of Disk: 1
Region Code: All
Subtitle: Chinese(Traditional),Chinese(Simplified),English
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
Languages: Mandarin
Video: NTSC,DVD-5
Screen: Widescreen
Sold out, until further announcement Buy

Total Number of Records: 2

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