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YoYo Cash

1.  What is YOYO Cash? 
YoYo Cash is an unique online cash rewards all over the world, buyoyo.com is one of the web sites that can use YoYo Cash 
for shopping online

2.  How to buy YoYo Cash?
You can buy it at buyoyo.com.

3.  Which currency is for YoYo Cash's currency reference?
Hong Kong dollar. For example:
1 HK$ dollar=YY 200 
1 US$ dollar  =YY 1560

4.  Will YoYo Cash change with exchange rate?
No, it is fixed at 1HK dollar=YY200

5.  Could YoYo cash change to Cash if I cancel the account?
Can not. We suggest that you purchase "In Stock" items to redeem the remainder of YoYo Cash in your account.

6.  How to earn YoYo Cash?

7.  How can I know your periodical privilege activities ?
Take note our latest "News" and our current "YoYo Rewards" list.

8.  Is there expiration for YoYo Cash?
Yes ! Upon closure of year end (i.e. December 31), all YoYo Cash will be forfeited. The YoYo Cash accumulation will start all over again in the next year.

9.  How to check my balance of YoYo Cash?
Login in  "My Account" and refer to "Accounts details"

10.  I want to have more details about "Earning YoYo Cash"
Please refer to "YoYo Rewards" list!


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Exchange Rate Ref.:
US$1 = HK$7.8
RMB$1 = HK$1.1

The past Ghorse Award

The past Hong Kong Films Award

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