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Pre-Order Video

The Sword Identity(2011)
Actor : Yu, Shing Wai Song, Yang
Director : Xu Haofeng

[Blu-ray](293958-B-LE)Pre-Order: HK$620(US$80.0)[Expected Date: 2024-7-22推出]Buy
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The Movie Emperor(2024)
Actor : Sin, Lap Man Pal Lau, Tak Wah Andy Rima Zeidan
Director : Ning, Hao

[Blu-ray](302096-B)Pre-Order: HK$141(US$18.2)[Expected Date: 2024-7-18推出]Buy
[DVD](302096-D)Pre-Order: HK$98(US$12.6)[Expected Date: 2024-7-18推出]Buy
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A Quiet Place: Day One(2024)
Actor : Lupita Nyong'o Wolff, Alex Djimon Hounsou Michael Sarnoski
Director : Michael Sarnoski

[Blu-ray](302088-B-SB)Pre-Order: HK$310(US$40.0)[Expected Date: 2024-9-26推出]Buy
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New Release Video

Haunting Soul from the Dark Building(1989)
Actor : Chen, Xi Guang Hon, Siu Lei Poon, Chit
Director : Mu Deyuan Liang Ming

[Blu-ray](230693-B-LE)HK$499(US$64.4)[In Stock]Buy
[DVD](230693-D)HK$48(US$6.2)[Out of Stock]
[VCD](230693-V)HK$49(US$6.3)[Out of Stock]
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I do it my way(2024)
Actor : Lau, Tak Wah Andy Lam, Ka Tung Peng, Yu Yan Eddie Cya Liu Yam, Da Wah Simon Lam, Suet Cheng, Kent Keung, Ho Men Philip Tan, Shan Yan Chu Kam Yin Kevin
Director : Kwan, Jason
Producer : Lau, Tak Wah Andy

[Blu-ray](302069-B-4K)HK$239(US$30.8)[In Stock]Buy
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This is MC - MC Cheung(Cover B)
Singer : MC Cheung

[CD](904753)HK$325(US$41.9)[In Stock]Buy
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Love together - Keung Pui Li Jenny & Joe Mok
Singer : Keung Pui Li Jenny Mok Yuk Chow, Joe

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Trends BA-10 Lite Bi-amp Audio System(inl. 2 set of 4A power adaptor)

[AV Devices](507422-VDE)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507422-CLTW)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507422-BS)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
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Trends BA-10 Lite Bi-amp Audio System((inl. 1 set of 7A power adaptor)

[AV Devices](507306-CLTW)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507306-BS)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507306-CCEE)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
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3M Premium Golf Glove

[Houseware](506423-L)HK$39(US$5.0)[In Stock]Buy
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3M Scotch Magic Tape with Black Shoe Dispenser

[Houseware](506417-B)HK$23(US$3.0)[In Stock]Buy
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DHS Tinarc 5 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet

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YINHE 04 Series Table Tennis Racket

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(600465 )
Virutal-On Marz

[PS2](600465-PS2-JP)HK$119(US$15.4)[In Stock]Buy
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(600334 )
STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time

[PS2](600334-PS2-JP)HK$119(US$15.4)[In Stock]Buy
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Rika Ishikawa Photo Album
Actor : Rika, Ishikawa

[Books](401661-0301)HK$199(US$25.7)[In Stock]Buy
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I'm Soldier (Library Edition)
Author : Chiba,Tetsuya

[Books](401045-0313)HK$38(US$4.9)[In Stock]Buy
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You Don't Mess with the Zohan
Actor : Schneider, Rob

[Posters](506196)HK$8(US$1.0)[In Stock]Buy
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Actor : EXO

[Posters](507408)HK$8(US$1.0)[In Stock]Buy
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Storm Rider Chessboard (Fung Version)

[Gifts](500336)HK$1350(US$174.2)[Out of Stock]
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Storm Riders Series 3 - Mou Ming (Collector Edition) (With Pedestal)

[Gifts](502267)HK$109(US$14.1)[Out of Stock]
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