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Actor : Song, Kang Ho Im, Su Jeong Oh Jung-Se Jung, Woo Sung
Director : Kim, Chi Yun

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The Wandering Earth(2019)
Actor : Jing, Wu Lee, Guang Kit Ng, Man Tat Richard Lei Jia Yin
Director : Gwo Frant
Producer : Liu, Ci Xin

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The Bricklayer(2023)
Actor : Eckhart, Aaron Dobrev, Nina Nelson Blake, Tim
Director : Harlin, Renny

[Blu-ray](302087-B)Pre-Order: HK$168(US$21.7)[Expected Date: 2024-6-28推出]Buy
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Across the furious sea(2023)
Actor : Huang, Bo Zhou, Xun Zu Feng Zhou Yiran Zhang Youhao
Director : Cho, Bo Ping

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Actor : Wang Yibo Yu Shi Hu, Jun Zhou, Dong Yu
Director : Liu Xiaoshi

[Blu-ray](301982-B)HK$149(US$19.2)[In Stock]Buy
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Leslie Cheung- Final Encounter Of The Legend (3 CD)
Singer : Cheung, Kwok Wing Leslie

[CD](904794)HK$295(US$38.1)[In Stock]Buy
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Black Tangerine - David Tao
Singer : David Tao

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Trends BA-10 Lite Bi-amp Audio System((inl. 1 set of 7A power adaptor)

[AV Devices](507306-CLTW)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507306-BS)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
[AV Devices](507306-CCEE)HK$2300(US$296.7)[In Stock]Buy
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Trends UD-10.1 Lite USB Audio Converter

[AV Devices](507252-Lite)HK$499(US$64.4)[In Stock]Buy
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3M Wireless Presenter

[Houseware](506433-S)HK$201(US$25.9)[In Stock]Buy
[Houseware](506433-B)HK$201(US$25.9)[In Stock]Buy
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3M Privacy Screen Protector - iPhone 3G/3GS

[Houseware](757008-5)HK$1(US$0.1)[In Stock]Buy
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DHS 1-Star Table Tennis Racket

[TABLETENNIS](507257-S)HK$65(US$8.4)[In Stock]Buy
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YINHE 03 Series Table Tennis Racket

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(600356 )
PowerSmash 2

[PS2](600356-PS2-JP)HK$119(US$15.4)[In Stock]Buy
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(600334 )
STAR OCEAN Till the End of Time

[PS2](600334-PS2-JP)HK$119(US$15.4)[In Stock]Buy
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East Week
Author : Nil

[Books](402867-080867)HK$34(US$4.4)[In Stock]Buy
[Books](402867-080934)HK$51(US$6.6)[In Stock]Buy
[Books](402867-080660)HK$1(US$0.1)[In Stock]Buy
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Author : Et press

[Books](400689-07923)HK$1(US$0.1)[In Stock]Buy
[Books](400689-08130)HK$31(US$4.0)[In Stock]Buy
[Books](400689-08206)HK$44(US$5.7)[Out of Stock]
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Singer : Cheung, Kwok Wing Leslie

[Posters](507399)HK$49(US$6.3)[Out of Stock]
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Actor : EXO

[Posters](507408)HK$8(US$1.0)[In Stock]Buy
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